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Does my child need individual coaching?

Ever wondered why some players are capable of things that others cannot achieve? There's no secret that practice makes perfect. Our individual training programs and specific evaluations will target weaknesses and accelerate any player’s improvement faster due to the individually tailored encironment.

Individual coaching gives our coaches more opportunity to correct technical imperfections and help your child understand where and how these techniques can be implemented in a game situation.

Every child has areas of his or her game that need work and we offer the perfect environment to identify and develop these areas. Our private lessons allow our coaches to concentrate on the specific demands of the individual player whilst improving both confidence and ability.

What will the children work on?

We have already helped hundreds of children through our individual coaching with many of them receiving instruction in the following areas:

Football: Shooting, Passing, Goal-keeping, Control, Ball Mastery, Dribbling, Running with the Ball and Speed & Agility

Booking Information:

To make a booking please call Max on; 07896 139 844 or email: 
When emailing please be sure to leave a contact phone number.

Group Private Sessions:

If you have a small group of children and would like them to learn how to play football,  American football or multi-sports with the best professional coaches, then look no further. Our fantastic coaches will work with a group sizes of 2 to 6 children coaching them all the required skills in their chosen sports. These sessions start from £45 a session.

1 To 1 Sessions​​:

For the very best coaching experience in football or American football, our private sessions are the answer. Available for all children aged 6 to 15 years.  We ensure to give your child 45 minutes of the best professional coaching in a 1 to 1 environment for just £25 a session.

Accelerate your child’s learning with our individual training programmes. The purpose of these very specialised classes is to enable players to receive individual instruction in specific areas of their chosen game.

We can provide qualified coaches for football, american football and multi-sports.

Private Coaching Sessions