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The Bears Coaching are very proud to get involved in charity work. In 2016 not only did we do our own charity event we also helped many others in the community to raise money for their charitable causes.

If you would like The Bears Coaching to be part of one of your summer fayre's 2017 then please get in touch via email or on our facebook page (contact details can be found here) Depending on space available we are able to offer a target goal or we can bring along our NEW bubble footballs. 

Our first solo event

This is our first ever solo charity event and we have gone pretty big. Our head coach Max has completed a skydive from 15,000ft (2.4 miles) which is the highest legal skydive height in the UK. It gave Max roughly a full minute of free fall time. Max has said "Having never done anything like this before to go straight in for the highest possible height is pretty crazy".

This skydive was arranged for an amazing cause, the children's ward at The Pilgrim Hospital. This is the place where all the children from our local community will go if they are hurt or need medical care. The children's ward at this hospital is amazing and save lives day after day. 

We are happy to announce that we raised £800 for 2 new Apnoea alarms. An Apnoea alarm is used if a child is prematurely born or has difficulty breathing. If the baby was to stop breathing the alarm would sound, alerting the staff at the hospital. I don't need to tell you that this amazing piece of equipment will save lives. 

Everyone at The Bears Coaching would like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who helped us reach our target. 

Video of the Sky Dive can be viewed on our Facebook page

Parachute jump raises cash for children’s ward

​To read the full story click Here 

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