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​The Bears Coaching football sessions
Childrens parties Boston
Football sessions in boston

About the bears coaching
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Lincolnshire childrens parties

The Bears Coaching football sessions

childrens parties in Boston

​football sessions in Boston

Safer Recruitment Policy

Football Sessions in Boston

Safeguarding Policy

​​​​​Our ​Story

We start our story in February 2015 with our head coach Max Ward. He was working with Arsenal FC in London whilst studying for his Fdsc in Community Sports Coaching. During his time working for Arsenal Fc Max learned some invaluable coaching skills which have been brought through into The Bears Coaching.​ 

Based in Boston, Spilsby Coningsby and Old Leake, where we work within schools, nurseries, deliver after school session and even hold affordable holiday camps throughout school breaks. 

Why choose The Bears Coaching?

At The Bears Coaching we understand that children learn best when learning is fun. Our coaches deliver high quality coaching, based on a building block system starting with the basic fundamentals, and working towards well-developed skills and games. Variety is key to success, so each class is different to the last, and our pro coaches teach children in a pressure-free, fun environment, with an emphasis on learning through play. ​The Bears Coaching aims to give every child an opportunity to reach their full potential.

​​​Our Core Values

• Friendly customer service

• Quality coaching sessions

• High standards of training for our staff

• Professionalism

• Passion for our job

• Inclusivity - getting all children involved

​​The Bears Coaching football sessions

childrens parties in Boston

​football sessions in Boston

​​​Safe guarding

At The Bears Coaching we understand that your childs safety is your priority, which is why we make it ours. Every parent should feel confident that their child will be looked after by trained professionals when leaving their child with us. We promise that all our coaches hold at least a valid safeguarding certificate awarded by the FA. 

To ensure all parents are clear on what they can expect from us, when it comes to safeguarding your child, we have added our safeguarding policy and our safer recruitment policy to our website.